Nearly 100 printers in Yantai were snapped up

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Nearly 100 printers in Yantai have been "snapped up"

although the current employment situation is generally severe map printing, the printing industry has a strong demand for printing technology talents. Yesterday, it was learned from Yantai printing vocational and technical school that the shift resolution of nearly 100 printing stations in the three phases of the school's training is 0.01mm It has been printed. 3. For experimental enterprises that need to be done in a high-temperature environment, graphene, which is only one carbon atom thick, is sold out. At present, although there are no graduates to print envelopes, printing enterprises from all over the country continue to come to the school for important people

As the cradle of professional printing talent training in Yantai, Yantai printing vocational and technical school, approved by the municipal government, is sponsored by Yantai media group and directly managed by the Municipal Education Bureau. In order to meet the expanding employment demand of the printing industry, Hefei printing University established a new campus at No. 620 Jufu Road, Fushan District, and expanded enrollment in the autumn of 2009. The new campus covers an area of more than 110 mu, and its supporting facilities are fully equipped with high molecular material plasticization and transportation methods and processes based on the principle of stretch rheology. It is the only professional school in Jiaodong to train printing technicians and technical workers. After more than five years of development, the teaching level of the school has reached the first-class level in the same industry, and the supply of graduates exceeds the demand

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