NC turning process analysis and machining examples

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NC turning process analysis and machining examples of disc parts

as shown in the figure, the disc workpiece with holes is made of 45 steel, and its NC turning process is analyzed

1. process analysis of part drawing

the traveling space of the connecting plate is 1150mm (excluding the fixture) (Standard Specification) as shown in the figure. This part belongs to a typical disk part, and the material is 45 steel. Round steel can be selected as the blank. In order to ensure the reliable positioning of the workpiece during NC machining, the left end face can be removed before NC machining Φ 95 ㎜ excircle processing, at the same time Φ 55mm bore drill Φ 53 mm hole

2. the calculation formula of the eccentric load force is selected. According to the conditions of the shape and material of the machined parts, the vturn-20 CNC lathe is selected

3. determine the positioning datum and clamping method of parts

(1) the positioning datum is based on the processed Φ 95 ㎜ excircle and left end surface are the process basis

(2) the clamping method adopts three jaw self centering chuck to clamp the battery seat tightly

4. formulate the processing plan

determine the process plan and processing route according to the drawing requirements, the blank and the processing of the previous process

work step sequence:

(1) rough turning outer circle and end face

(2) rough turning inner hole

(3) fine turning outer contour and end face

(4) fine turning inner hole

perforated disc

5. Tool selection and tool position number

select tool and tool position number as shown in the figure

tool and tool position number

fill the selected tool parameters in Table 1 NC machining tool card of perforated disc. Table 1 NC machining tool card of perforated disc

6. Determine the cutting amount (omitted)

7. The NC machining process card is proposed to take the right end face of the workpiece as the workpiece origin, and the tool change points are set as X200 and z200. The process card of numerical control processing is shown in the table, which is a part of the revolutionary exploration of using nanotechnology to benefit the industrial process. Table 2 NC machining process card of perforated disc


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