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Qinghai Oilfield has a smooth natural gas market. It was learned on May 9 that the daily sales of natural gas in Qinghai Oilfield remained at 15million cubic meters for a month

in view of the seasonal problem of natural gas sales, Qinghai Oilfield starts with strengthening the marketing strategy, stabilizing old customers, looking for major customers, and increasing residents, so as to smooth the natural gas sales, and build a solid foundation for the overall profit of the oilfield with gas supporting oil

natural gas is the benefit pillar of Qinghai Oilfield. Facing the difficulties brought about by low oil prices, Qinghai Oilfield is trying to improve its tensile performance, increase sources and reduce costs. If the machine is driven by chain wheel, it may slip or the chain may be broken and increase efficiency. At the same time, it aims at the natural gas sales market, expands the scope of the industry, and takes corrective measures to make up for the losses caused by the decline in oil prices

Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia are regular users of the natural gas downstream market of Qinghai Oilfield, and the daily sales volume of natural gas in summer is reduced by 5million cubic meters on average compared with that in winter. Stagnant sales not only affect the economic benefits of the oil field, but also do great harm to the balanced gas production of Sebei main gas field and the stable production of the block. In this regard, the production and operation Department of the oil field has made every effort to communicate with downstream natural gas users and negotiate with the local government to give preferential policies to natural gas users. Through efforts, the Yinchuan branch line of the se Ning Lan gas transmission pipeline is completely supplied with natural gas by Qinghai Oilfield in summer, which can increase the daily sales volume by 2million cubic meters

Qinghai Oilfield actively develops the markets around the gas field and looks for large natural gas users. In 2015, the unsalable natural gas in Qinghai Oilfield was about 100million cubic meters. In view of this adverse situation, Qinghai Oilfield established a natural gas sales company to go all out to promote natural gas. In March this year, after learning the information of three salt lake resource enterprises settled in Golmud City, the natural gas sales company took the initiative to visit them. After dozens of consultations and negotiations, it reached an agreement of intention to sell 30million cubic meters of natural gas annually with these three enterprises

at the same time, natural gas sales companies rely on considerate services and stable prices to attract nearly 20000 households around the gas field to use the natural gas of Qinghai Oilfield for a long time, with an annual sales of 1.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas. At the beginning of this year, the natural gas sales company seized the opportunity of the reconstruction of the old urban area of Dunhuang to expand the civil natural gas outside the province, which could increase the sales of natural gas by 5million cubic meters in the second half of the year. In order to increase the sales share, the natural gas sales company strengthened the improvement of the sales ability of employees, timely grasped the gas consumption dynamics of users through "daily monitoring, weekly analysis and monthly summary", and reasonably adjusted the supply and marketing plan. In the four months of this year, the natural gas sales increased by 6% year-on-year, achieving a sales revenue of 400million yuan

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