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Qinghai: actively respond to the call for new energy consumption in the place of electric energy

guided by the establishment of a national clean energy demonstration Province, Qinghai has steadily built two ten million kilowatt renewable energy bases, and made every effort to create scale advantages, efficiency advantages and market advantages. The development and utilization of solar energy is in the forefront of the country. Adhering to the guidance of planning and technology, Qinghai electric power continues to build and develop, and fully serves and supports new energy and its consumption

Qinghai is the most important water conservation area in China, and it is also a key area for ecological protection. In order to protect the blue sky and clear water here, since April 2015, our province has actively responded to the call of the national power company to "replace coal and oil with electricity" and "electricity comes from afar" to promote the expansion of electric energy substitution to commercial heat pumps, catering electric cookers, household electrification, agricultural supporting facilities and other fields in the "two regions, three cities and four counties" such as Qinghai Lake and Sanjiangyuan

in November 2017, Shu Yinbiao, chairman and Secretary of the leading Party group of the State Power Corporation, went to Maduo to investigate the sunshine poverty alleviation work in the country, and promoted the implementation of the Maduo clean and heating demonstration project, which is sent by the people of Maduo County and can be applied to the special requirements of plastic production, and the clean and heating project of residential middle schools. As China's first demonstration county for clean energy heating in a wide range of cold and high altitude, Maduo County is divided into four heating areas according to the principle of nearby heating, and the coal-fired boilers in the county are transformed into electric boilers. "For pastoral areas around the county where heating pipes cannot reach, we are vigorously promoting various heating methods such as electric Kang and photovoltaic heating." According to deputy county magistrate Zhang Qiang, after all these projects are put into operation in 2018, Maduo County will fully realize coal free heating

at present, in the source area of the three rivers in our province, the former winter heating mode of burning coal, cow dung and firewood is gradually being replaced by the use of electric energy. According to the data provided by Qinghai electric power company, as of the first quarter of 2018, our province has implemented 1283 electric energy substitution projects including clean heating, completed the substitution of 7.3 billion kwh, and adopted the "V" design, reducing coal consumption by 896700 tons and carbon dioxide emission reduction by 2.42 million tons. Zhan Jie, director of the marketing department of the company, said that at present, tens of thousands of farmers and herdsmen in our province have used electric Kang and electric film. The popularization and application of electric Kang and electric film for more than two years has laid a solid foundation for the next comprehensive popularization of clean heating projects in rural areas of our province, which will promote the economic and social innovation, green and coordinated development of our province

in order to better fulfill the central enterprise society, the state-owned Qinghai electric power company directly faces the problem of "three discards", relies on large electricity, builds a large market, and makes the most effective use of Qinghai's clean energy. According to the horizontal and vertical of the experimental machine frame, the new energy power can be optimized nationwide. According to the data released by the national energy administration, in 2017, the photovoltaic light rejection rate in the five provinces and regions in Northwest China was 14.1%, which was significantly lower than 19.81% in 2016. Among them, Qinghai was 6.2%, ranking the lowest among the five provinces and regions. In terms of absorption technology research, Qinghai electric power company has always adhered to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, relying on photovoltaic power generation and technology laboratory, tackling key problems in all fields from the aspects of planning, operation, testing, etc., with a high integration of production, learning, research and application, and significantly improving the service capacity of the photovoltaic industry. Continue to carry out technological innovation, take the lead in building photovoltaic power generation intelligent regulation, source coordination and management platforms in China, and build a new energy AGC and AVC system covering the whole, effectively supporting the large-scale, safe and stable operation of Qinghai new energy

in terms of promoting consumption, China Qinghai electric power company has fully implemented the 20 measures taken by the state power company to promote the consumption of new energy, relying on the national unified power market, giving full play to the resource allocation advantages of big power, organizing and implementing the direct trading of power in the new energy Province, enriching the trading varieties, expanding the consumption scale, and making every effort to promote the consumption of new energy. Implement the Intergovernmental framework agreement on export, realize the effective connection of export transactions, peak shaving and spot transactions, and actively expand the channels of new energy export. At the same time, the state-owned household appliances effectively use the existing power transmission channel capacity, implement unified dispatching, support Qinghai and Jiangsu, Hubei and other provinces to carry out new energy export transactions, and realize the optimal allocation of new energy power in a wider range

implement the goal of "double increase and double decrease" of new energy consumption of State Grid Corporation of China. In 2017, Qinghai's new energy power exceeded 13billion kwh, an increase of 30.92% year-on-year; Photovoltaic utilization hours were 1515 hours, an increase of 33 hours year-on-year; The waste power was 750million kwh, a year-on-year decrease of 60million kwh; The power rejection rate was 5.4%, a year-on-year decrease of 2.1 percentage points, and the consumption of new energy took the lead in the country

as we enter the 13th five year plan, our province will comprehensively create a national clean energy demonstration Province, and accelerate the construction of two 10 million KW clean energy bases in Haixi and Hainan, with a total development scale of more than 60 million KW. It is estimated that by 2020, the total installed capacity of new energy in the province will exceed 20million kW, accounting for 53% of the total installed capacity of power supply in the province. The new energy power generation capacity of Qinghai electric power is expected to continue to lead the country

nowadays, the transformation and development of green energy has become a consensus across the country and even the world. Qinghai's innovative practices such as the "green power 7th" and the construction and operation of China's first new energy big data innovation platform have increased its confidence and determination to promote the development of clean energy. We have reason to believe that in the near future, the "Qinghai sample" of supply side reform represented by the new energy industry will release greater vitality and win greater achievements

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