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Qingdao Jinjing: leading the new material industry to the commanding height

Qingdao Jinjing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao Jinjing) was founded in 1993. Located in the West Coast new area of Qingdao, it is a professional enterprise engaged in glass R & D and production. It has two industrial bases of rolled glass and processed glass. Its products are widely used in building decoration, rail transit, solar energy and other fields. After more than 20 years of innovative development, Qingdao Jinjing has grown into a backbone enterprise in China's new material industry

patented product, Jingmei architecture, achievement landmark

the embossed curtain wall glass developed by Qingdao Jinjing has a special diffuse reflection effect due to the different reflection and refraction of light by the pattern, which not only completely solves the problem of light pollution caused by the glass curtain wall, but also receives a colorful and strange decorative effect. Embossed curtain wall glass expands the application of embossed glass from a single indoor application to the external wall, which greatly expands the application field and has the significance of "milestone". Embossed curtain wall glass has been successfully developed and has been applied in Ningbo Marriott Hotel, Chongqing Grand Theater, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other famous buildings

invention patent, suitable for plateau environment and ensuring Qinghai Tibet locomotive

the multifunctional composite insulating glass with automatic internal pressure regulation developed by Qingdao Jinjing is the world's first. This kind of glass can automatically adjust the internal pressure when the ambient atmospheric pressure changes significantly, maintain the air pressure balance, and solve the problem of damage or explosion of insulating glass used for heat preservation and sound insulation. Therefore, it defeated all bidders in the world and was successfully applied to Qinghai Tibet Plateau locomotives. It was the only supplier designated by the Ministry of Railways at that time

based on this, Qingdao Jinjing has developed and produced various kinds of locomotive glasses again, which are widely used in domestic and foreign rail transit fields such as "harmony" and "Fuxing" according to the different requirements of operating conditions of bullet trains, high-speed railways, subways and so on. Qingdao Jinjing's locomotive glass enjoys a high reputation in London, Rome, Brazil, Singapore, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries

ultra white embossing, anti reflection and high transparency, and help new energy

the ultra white universal suffrage scheme developed by Qingdao Jinjing has been recognized by most citizens. Embossed glass is favored by the majority of solar cell module manufacturers because of its advantages of anti glare, high strength, anti reflection and light transmission, but its strength is 15 times higher than that of steel under the same weight. Therefore, solar photovoltaic power stations, distributed power stations Beautiful figures of Qingdao Jinjing ultra white embossed glass can be seen everywhere in places such as solar roofs

win by wisdom, be brave in innovation, and persevere

in the past years, Qingdao Jinjing has adhered to the business philosophy of "win by wisdom, be brave in innovation", and has been constantly exploring and improving on the road of scientific development. It is the winner of Shandong science and Technology Progress Award, Shandong patent Mingxing enterprise, and national intellectual property advantage enterprise. More than 30 inventions and creations have won national patents, and many products have been rated as national, provincial, and municipal well-known brands. Because of the pursuit and practice of high quality and strict standards, Qingdao minimum three Jinjing presided over or participated in the formulation of China's industry standards for calendered glass and wired glass, regulating and leading the high-quality development of the industry. Over the past decade, Qingdao Jinjing has participated in the construction of many national projects, undertaken the important task of R & D and supply of various high-end glasses by pressing the "input 1/5" key, and fulfilled the historical mission of revitalizing China's traditional industries

in the future, Qingdao Jinjing will follow the concept of green development, use new kinetic energy to promote new development, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, focus on the development of road power generation application glass and lower wired glass, carry out the integrated supporting research and development of rail transit side windows, cooperate with relevant scientific research institutions, do a good job in the optimization of the formula of high alumina silicon and high borosilicate glass, and develop new scientific research projects of glass in aviation, military industry and other fields, Lead China's new material industry to the commanding height

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