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Construction and application of cigarette packaging information network anti-counterfeiting system

1 construction of cigarette information network anti-counterfeiting management system

1.1 principle

Import anti-counterfeiting system engineering theory, make use of computer technology, electronic engineering technology, adopt information coding theory and modern cryptography principles, combine instrument identification, inkjet printing technology and modern network technology Database technology and modern management developed a management platform that integrates logistics and anti-counterfeiting functions. The yield point is not less than the tensile strength is not less than the elongation is not less than the cold-formed d-bending center diameter A-steel bar diameter

1.2 for the elastic test piece, the basic structure and function

is divided into three parts from the structure: the generation and printing of numbers and bar codes, the management of recognizer and network management process

1.2.1 generation and printing of numbers and bar codes

through modern cryptography principles, cigarette production date, shift, unit, sales inside and outside the province and other information are specified in digital form, and combined with cigarette production sequence code to encrypt and generate anti-counterfeiting information code. The anti-counterfeiting information code is divided into two sections: the first 12 digits are identification code, the last 8 digits are anti-counterfeiting code, and the middle is separated by colon, such as:. At the same time, the special password generation module is embedded in the inkjet printer, so that the anti-counterfeiting information code is sprayed on the inside of the cigarette BOPP film, and then the digital generation and printing are completed

1.2.2 recognizer and management

from the recognition scope, it can be divided into factory recognizer, provincial (municipal) recognizer, regional recognizer, district (county) recognizer and retail recognizer. The recognition method is: input the first 12 digit identification code, such as typing:, press the function key to display the last 8-digit anti-counterfeiting Code:, press the function key again to display: production information, Its meaning is as follows:

0 - 2000

05 - may

28 - No. 28

04 - the fourth unit

1 - the second shift

1 - sales in the province

different recognizers have different recognition ranges and authorities. Generally speaking, the provincial (municipal) recognizer has the largest authority, which can recognize all the spurted cigarettes in the province (city), and the regional level can only recognize the spurted cigarettes in the region. After upgrading, the retail recognizer can only identify legitimate and counterfeit cigarettes. The authority control of recognizer is one of the important contents of cigarette logistics management. It is a step-by-step process in the network management process, which needs to be exercised step by step from top to bottom. Longmang Baili achieved a net profit of 1.97 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2018, and the limit was reduced until the final retail recognizer

1.2.3 network management process

the logistics and information flow of cigarettes are the main contents of the network management process. Network management is responsible for the flow of logistics to the final consumers, while transmitting the logistics information of cigarettes to the final sales terminal, making the cigarettes sold traceable

2 characteristics and advantages of cigarette information network anti-counterfeiting management system

the system integrates information flow, logistics, anti-counterfeiting and other functions, and has strong functions in monopoly management, production and operation, marketing, network construction, cigarette anti-counterfeiting and so on

2.1 technical features

2.1.1 logistics information monitoring

in the logistics process, through the collection, transmission and sharing of bar code information, digital query and identification, it can effectively carry out flow tracking, packet traceability, price regulation, data statistics and other information processing, and implement monitoring management

2.1.2 regulate the market

through comprehensive inkjet management, it can effectively crack down on counterfeiting and smuggling, control illegal circulation behaviors such as collusion, backflow and extracorporeal circulation, and play a role in regulating the market

2.1.3 strong anti-counterfeiting force

the inkjet system and identification system as well as the network transmission information are encrypted, and the number has no obvious statistical law, so it is impossible to decode the password, and it is not allowed to fabricate in batches. Digital printing adopts special characters and special printing format, which is unique

2.1.4 easy to realize

it is convenient to join the packaging production line, implement automatic printing digital, easy to operate, and do not change the original production process. The printing speed depends on the speed of the assembly line, and can be as high as 700 packages per minute

2.1.5 recognition convenience

the recognizer can facilitate on-site digital recognition, type the identification code, and compare the anti-counterfeiting code to determine the authenticity. It can also judge the correlation between packages and packages, packages and strips by using relevant information and data. This method is flexible, accurate and reliable, which can also be used for query, upper query and barcode recognition

2.1.6 flexible implementation

the system has complete design and comprehensive functions. The most appropriate implementation scheme can be designed according to the specific conditions and requirements of customers. It can be fully implemented or partially adopted, including angle area, torque area, speed and peak area; The fully automatic mode is divided into three regions, which can form a system by itself or mutually, complement each other, share resources to the greatest extent, and improve product competitiveness

2.2 technical implementation of cigarette information network anti-counterfeiting management system

2.2.1 industrial link

the digital generation system generates a disorderly combination of 20 bit small package numbers, which are sprayed on the production line of industrial link. This group of numbers implies production information, such as production date, unit number, shift number, brand code, sales code inside and outside the province, etc. The printed barcode not only covers the above production information, but also includes digital range information and logistics information. Barcode collection is carried out at the time of stock in and stock out, and the information is stored in the factory database

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