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Qingdao International Industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition is about to be held

the 17th Qingdao International Industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as automation exhibition, iaie) will be grandly held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center on August, 2015. At that time, iaie will be held at the same time as plastic exhibition, logistics exhibition and machine tool exhibition. Ten exhibition halls are super large, with a total exhibition area of more than 40000 square meters. It is expected that exhibitors 2 There are 400 tightening experiments on various tightening springs, with 27000 professional visitors. Six exhibition areas are set up, including industrial automation and control technology, electrical transmission, industrial robots, industrial automation information technology and software, microsystem technology, instrumentation and testing and measurement technology

this iaie will join hands with well-known exhibitors such as keens (China) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Siemens Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Kaikun, connais, Guangbao, inverton, bondama, abb, KUKA, etc. among them, keens (China) Co., Ltd. will bring many advanced automation technologies, such as the programmable controller kv-7000 series, which takes into account ultra-high speed command execution and excellent response performance. The i/o control is 170 times that of the traditional, With the excellent response performance of CPU unit and expansion unit, the time from input to output is shortened to 6S, and the analog control is 20 times that of the traditional one. Using the buffer function that still maintains the AD conversion speed of 10s, the fastest 10s sampling can be achieved. The basic instruction execution is 0.96, with a year-on-year increase of 6.8%ns. KV veloc X3, the highest performance engine optimized, is specially designed for PLC to achieve 10 times the high-speed processing of traditional models. Unit interrupt response 4 s with the new bus system ultra high speed CPU internal bus, the new unit S-unit, to achieve excellent responsiveness. Equipped with large capacity 64 MB CPU memory, replace the memory that was previously limited to program and annotation capacity with a large capacity CPU memory that can be used freely according to the purpose. Innovation comes from better experience, and Kearns will carry out innovation and excellence to the end in the future

as the most influential brand exhibition around Bohai Bay, China Qingdao industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (iaie) has gone through 16 years. Iaie has witnessed the arduous development of China's industrial automation industry. At the same time, with the development and growth of China's industrial automation, it has also become an important platform for Industry Trade and knowledge sharing. In 2014, the total area of iaie exhibition has reached 23000 square meters, with a total of 387 exhibitors, of which overseas exhibitors accounted for 20% and exhibited more than 1500 products. Short 3 It took three days to modify the fixture surface, and received 25733 professional visitors from 27 provinces and cities and more than 20 countries and regions who used the lm78053 terminal regulator to stabilize the 12V voltage. Adhering to the concept of international exhibition, through professional operation, relying on a perfect audience invitation system, and aiming to build a high-quality personalized communication platform for exhibitors, we will ensure the professional value of the exhibition

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