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Qinghai has built the second largest natural gas base

on August 25, five key projects, including the Niudong natural gas pipeline on the northern edge of Qaidam, which adopts the hydraulic loading principle, the production of Dongping gas transmission pipeline, the construction supporting projects of Niudong and Dongping energy, and the Dongping surface gathering and transmission supporting facilities, passed the completion acceptance at one time, marking the birth of the second largest natural gas production base of Qinghai Oilfield in cold lake, the birthplace of Qinghai Oilfield, It also marks that the development of natural gas in Qinghai Oilfield has entered a new stage

the construction of the second natural gas production base started from Dongping 1 well. After three years, Qinghai Oilfield has formed a renewable resin composite inspection well cover cj/t 121 ⑵ 000 in Dongping and Niudong, with an annual production capacity of 900million cubic meters of natural gas, and the daily natural gas production is close to 4million cubic meters, which is convenient for processing. The natural gas pipeline on the northern edge of Chai, which has been completed and put into operation with an annual transmission capacity of 2billion cubic meters, is connected with Sebei No. 5 gas gathering station, and can directly supply gas to the downstream gas transmission pipeline of Sebei ninglan

In 2015, Qinghai Oilfield plans to build a natural gas production scale with an annual output of 1.5 billion cubic meters in Dongping and Niudong

Sebei is the largest natural gas production base in Qinghai Oilfield, which has been developed for 19 years. The completion of the second largest natural gas production base has enabled Qinghai Oilfield to find a new natural gas exploration and development battlefield, providing a reliable foundation for the construction of a ten million ton Plateau oil and gas field in 2017

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