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Qingfan science and technology dialogue Chongqing 29: how can artificial intelligence enable classroom teaching

a hundred years ago, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of reform, opening up and modernization, entered Chongqing work study preparatory school in France, and the following year, he crossed the country and went to the world, starting a revolutionary journey to seek the truth of saving the country and the people. A hundred years later, Chongqing No. 29 middle school, a famous historical school that has gone through the baptism of revolution and still does not forget to pursue truth, spread civilization and compete for beauty, is writing more educational legends with the power of Humanities and science and technology

on April 25, the "Ai enabled learning behavior analysis and curriculum construction" exchange seminar hosted by Chongqing No.29 middle school and Chongqing high school information technology curriculum innovation base was held in the day reading Department of Chongqing No.29 middle school. As one of the co organizers, Dr. zhangwenzhu, CEO of qingfan technology and Deputy director of Tsinghua University intelligent education technology innovation joint research center, was invited to attend the seminar, Communicate and discuss with education research experts and front-line educators from all over the country how artificial intelligence and big data can promote the development of classroom teaching and curriculum construction in the era of intelligent education

figure: qingfan technology CEO zhangwenzhu

in the seminar, Dr. zhangwenzhu first reported to the leaders and education experts on the current technology and application research and development progress of qingfan technology team in the field of "ai+ education", and emphasized that in the classroom scene, the core problem that qingfan technology should solve is to realize comprehensive, fast and fully automatic classroom observation through artificial intelligence technology

for this, Dr. zhangwenzhu said: "AI has inherent advantages in automatic feedback and auxiliary decision-making in teaching. In the past, we often needed to obtain more classroom feedback through homework, tests and examinations. Its unit of measurement is week, month or even semester. Using artificial intelligence technologies such as emotional computing and behavior analysis, we can shorten the granularity of classroom observation to the millisecond level; second, we can achieve data-driven decision-making. In the past, teachers accounted for 80% of the total Our energy may be focused on collecting teaching data, including correcting homework, understanding children and observing children, etc. the time really spent on decision-making is relatively small, while artificial intelligence technology greatly simplifies the data collection process and assists teachers to spend more time on teaching decision-making. For example, in a single class, teachers' energy can only focus on two types of students, one is particularly excellent, the other is particularly naughty, and artificial intelligence will help teachers take care of every child, and can provide corresponding learning care according to the learning characteristics of every child; The third point is large-scale personalization. At present, a large part of personalized education is achieved through the accumulation of resources, that is to say, it takes a lot of time and money, but in fact, the progress of technology makes the organic combination of large-scale education and personalized training possible. "

in April 2018, the Ministry of Education officially released the "education informatization 2.0 action plan", comprehensively opening a new journey of education informatization development and upgrading with big data as an important carrier. Explore the laws of education and teaching and the growth of learners with the help of big data. With big data 5 Servo electromechanical support education scientific decision-making, based on data technology to promote the modernization of education management system, has become an inevitable development path in the era of intelligent education. Dr. zhangwenzhu said: "AI technologies such as emotional computing, behavior and speech analysis, and natural language understanding help us automatically record the whole process of education and teaching, and obtain comprehensive, real, and dynamic teaching data. Through further analysis and application of the data, teachers will more accurately understand the first two belong to contamination detection, understand students, improve teaching, and students will more accurately understand and develop themselves, and finally comprehensively drive the quality of teaching." Increase in quantity. "

at present, qingfan technology is actively building a classroom evaluation index system covering dozens of indicators in four dimensions: classroom activity, interaction, convergence and order, in-depth analysis of the teaching and learning process, giving play to the functions of big data evaluation, such as description, diagnosis, prediction and improvement, and further improving the quality of education

figure: the value of educational technology for students in Chongqing No.29 middle school lies not in the technology itself, but in how to apply technology to solve practical problems. The emergence of artificial intelligence promotes the transformation of education from "result evaluation" to "process evaluation", and promotes students' learning and growth more scientifically. The host of this seminar Luo Huayu, director of the information center of Chongqing 29th middle school, said: "In the era of intelligent education, the development of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies is reconstructing the traditional classroom teaching and changing the school form, teaching methods, learning methods, etc. in the future, who will teach and learn knowledge from is a question that all educators are thinking about. The future education informatization 2.0 scene shared by Dr. Zhang Wenzhu has provided us with a lot of inspiration to a certain extent."

the experts participating in this activity include zhangshaogang, executive vice president of China Association for educational technology, and the artificial intelligence department of China Association for educational technology for convenient automatic collection of plastic bags; On the other hand, songshuqiang, Secretary General of the committee, Li Xiaoping, a teaching researcher of Chongqing Academy of Educational Sciences, Luo Huayu, director of the information center of Chongqing No.29 middle school, Yang Fangxun, President of iFLYTEK Southwest Research Institute, University of science and technology, as well as education experts and front-line Teaching workers from Beijing Dongcheng District education system school, Jiangsu Wuxi Jiangnan middle school, Shaanxi Yan'an middle school and other schools

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