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Qingdao Yiqun paint industry passed the review of the Ministry of environmental protection

recently, leaders of Qingdao Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and Huangdao Branch accompanied a group of more than 10 experts from the Ministry of environmental protection to Qingdao Yiqun paint industry for environmental protection review in all aspects such as environmental protection, first-class environmental protection, work site and sewage treatment. For our customers,

the first thing that catches the eyes of experts is the 16 character policy of the enterprise environment at the gate of Qingdao Yiqun paint industry: abide by laws and regulations, save energy and reduce consumption, prevent pollution, and beautify the environment. Then experts on steel structure high-strength screw 2 Qc/t 743 (2) 006 code for design, construction and acceptance of bolted connections in needle test of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles jgj82 (9) 1 the environmental protection archives of Qingdao Yiqun paint industry has been reviewed for higher transmission efficiency. Experts reviewed the company's site and sewage treatment equipment, and the company's daily sewage treatment has been highly praised by experts! Finally, Qingdao Yiqun paint industry successfully passed the review of the Ministry of environmental protection

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