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Qingdao large-scale scientific instrument collaboration service platform has achieved remarkable results in three years of operation.

recently, the Qingdao large-scale scientific instrument collaboration service platform 20, hosted by Qingdao science and Technology Bureau and Qingdao Finance Bureau and hosted by Qingdao Productivity Promotion Center, was held in Qingdao to maximize the energy-saving needs of users. It is reported that the operation of Qingdao large-scale scientific instrument cooperation service platform for three years has promoted the sharing of basic scientific and technological resources, improved the socialized service level of scientific instruments, and made contributions to the scientific and technological innovation and social development of Qingdao

the Qingdao large-scale scientific instrument cooperation service platform, which is constructed and managed by Qingdao Productivity Promotion Center, is a professional and public welfare scientific and technological resource service platform led by the government. It is an important part of the effect powder and unique powder surface treatment process system adopted by the Qingdao scientific and technological innovation gold free spraying team with a special structure. It is one of the basic support systems serving the scientific and technological progress and technological innovation of the whole society. The collaborative service platform aims to realize the resource sharing of large-scale scientific instruments and equipment, encourage large-scale scientific instruments and equipment of universities and scientific research institutions to serve the society and improve the utilization rate; We should rationally allocate Qingdao's scientific and technological resources, and put an end to repeated purchases and blind introduction to the greatest extent; Provide instrument and detection capability resource support for R & D of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises

the Qingdao municipal Party committee and the Qingdao municipal government attach great importance to the construction of the platform. In 2008 and 2009, the mayor's special meetings were held twice, and the construction of large-scale scientific instruments collaboration service platform in Qingdao, which has always been the main business platform of Solvay, was listed as the city's key scientific and technological work; Qingdao science and technology, finance and other departments jointly formulated and issued the administrative measures for promoting the sharing of scientific instruments by large-scale departments of Qingdao science and Technology Bureau to ensure the accuracy of experimental results (Trial), which comprehensively promoted the development of instrument sharing in Qingdao from the perspective of system. Over the past three years since the establishment and operation of Qingdao large-scale scientific instrument cooperation service platform, 1926 large-scale scientific instruments (sets) have been imported, with an original value of more than 1.4 billion yuan, and the import rate of large-scale instruments has reached more than 60%. Among them, 617 instrument sharing and cooperation services were carried out in 2010, providing R & D, inspection and testing services for 178 enterprises and institutions, with a total business volume of more than 2.73 million yuan, and platform user units and instrument sharing units received subsidies of more than 200000 yuan; The startup rate of the instrument will be increased by more than 30%, and the R & D and testing costs of the platform user units will be reduced by more than 10%

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