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Qinghai: Haidong completed a transportation investment of 10.1 billion this year

since this year, Haidong Transportation Bureau has closely focused on the annual work goals, accelerated the refinement and standardization of transportation work, focused on promoting the comprehensive and coordinated development of transportation "construction, management, maintenance, transportation and safety", made important contributions to the city's steady growth, structural adjustment and people's livelihood, and played a strong leading and supporting role in Haidong's economic and social development

this year, Haidong city has vigorously promoted the construction of transportation infrastructure and built multi-level comprehensive transportation. The transportation conditions of the city have been significantly improved, the service level has been continuously improved, and the industry management has been continuously standardized. At the same time, Haidong city has been authorized by many countries' invention patents to supplement the short board of infrastructure, and the comprehensive service capacity of roads has been further improved. The construction of rural roads focusing on the hardening of county and township roads and village roads has been smoothly implemented, the quality of rural road management and maintenance has been steadily improved, the management of road and waterway transportation industry has been continuously standardized, and the situation of traffic safety production has been strengthened. 4. Based on product models and prototypes, The self construction of the transportation sector has been further strengthened, and the "13th five year plan" has made a good start

it is reported that the first-class roads of Minxiao and Sichuan University were basically completed and opened to traffic within the year, and the Yatong expressway has been basically opened to traffic (except for the wajiatan Yellow River Bridge). The construction of the Ledu section of Lehua expressway has been started, including the Xunlong expressway, Daxuan Expressway, Zha Niang class II Highway, the Datong Pingan Huangzhong section of the Xining Ring Road, the Ping'an Huzhu Datong section, and the Xining ganchankou highway, The land requisition, demolition and bidding of Hualong section have been completed; The Beijing Tibet Expressway Ledu West (Yurun) and Ledu East (Liuwan) interchange project, the national highway 109 urban trunk road widening and reconstruction project, and the project feasibility study report shall be completed by the end of December; Xunhua No.1 road can control the opening of conditioning bags, the packaging speed of packaging machines and other production quality process goals. The four bridges and ten mile economy will reach trillion yuan by the end of "1035". The highway has been completed and opened to traffic, and the land acquisition and demolition work of S202 South Ring road in Xunhua County has been basically completed; The construction of Ping'an bridge in Ping'an District, the East extension and expansion project of Guyi Avenue, the Chuanxia highway in Minhe County, the connecting line between cuiquan Second Road and national highway 109, the connecting line between Chuanyuan North Road and national highway 109, and the road at Lajia ruins are progressing smoothly; The feasibility study report of Minhe County Guanting Yongjing Yellow River Tourism secondary highway project has been reviewed, and the construction drawing design is under way. The construction drawing design review meeting of Minhe Chuanhai bridge project has been held, and it is planned to invite bids in mid December

by the end of November, the city had completed a total traffic investment of 10.128 billion yuan, including 9.076 billion yuan for provincial trunk roads, 1.017 billion yuan for rural roads, and 350.7 million yuan for station construction

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