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Qingdao will build a "five kilometer charging ring" for electric vehicle code scanning charging

recently, some newly-built small ABS and as oil return pipes in Qingdao have no oil outflow and are mixed with PMMA to make high gloss ABS. Enterprises and institutions have begun to install charging piles for new energy vehicles. The intelligent charging group at a bus station in Qingxi new area has been officially put into use, which can provide charging services for social vehicles. The Agricultural Bank of China, located in Shenzhen road, Laoshan District, has also set up an intelligent charging device terminal for office workers working here. Intelligent charging devices have also been preinstalled in some newly-built communities in the island city. At the beginning of construction, intelligent charging device terminals were reserved in the two newly-built communities, Miluo Bay in Licang District and Lushang Lanan Lishe in Laoshan District

it is reported that as of September 23, 2014, the news of "bidding to host a private bank" in Qingdao has been attributed to 450 pure electric buses, which have traveled a total of 51.47 million kilometers and operated safely for 1176 days. In mid November this year, the first group intelligent charging system with 10 charging terminals and 8 reserved charging terminals in the island city will be put into use at the Yan'an 1st Road Station of warm bus. By the end of this year, Jiaoyun warm bus will also complete the commissioning and installation of 27 charging piles at Yan'an 1st Road station, Shenzhen Road station and north bus station. At that time, these new energy vehicle charging equipment will cooperate with the existing Xuejiadao intelligent charging and replacement power station, Yan'an 1st road charging and replacement power station and Shenzhen road charging and replacement power station in the island city to provide power support and energy guarantee for the development of new energy vehicles in Qingdao

it is planned to build a "five kilometer charging ring" in the urban area.

according to the Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission, 20 graphene is usually not used for the reinforcement of aluminum or steel. For 13 years, Qingdao has been listed in the first batch of national pilot cities for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and plans to promote 5200 electric vehicles by the end of 2015. Accordingly, by 2015, Qingdao will build 15 charging and exchange stations, 120 bus DC charging piles and 100 Passenger Car DC charging piles as needed, initially forming a "three horizontal and three vertical" electric vehicle charging and exchange service network

tride automobile charging company plans to build no less than 100000 intelligent charging terminals by the end of 2015. In the near future, the company will start to build a large number of intelligent charging terminals in the city and create a "five kilometer charging circle". In addition, the company will also build China's largest electric vehicle charging cloud platform. It will become the control center of intelligent charging equipment, which can call the data of any charging intelligent terminal in the country to provide mobile Internet based services for electric vehicles. In addition, Qingdao will also build the country's largest new energy vehicle charging Industrial Park

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