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Qingdao port has set a record of 370000 tons of rubber backlog.

recently, it was learned that Qingdao port, the largest rubber import port in China, has a large number of imported rubber overstocked in the Bonded Zone warehouse, reaching 370000 tons, creating a record high

Bai Hu, an analyst of Shandong zhuochuang information rubber, said that Southeast Asia has entered a period of supply growth, coupled with the slowdown of China's economic growth and the fall in demand, making the inventory of rubber in Qingdao free trade zone also full. The inventory in the Free Trade Zone reached more than 300000 tons, and the natural rubber was only 80000 tons in 2010

when entering the warehouse in Qingdao Port Free Trade Zone, you can see that all the rubber is transported from Southeast Asia. Some rubber packages are already covered with a thick layer of soil. The staff here told us that since last year, the number of rubber in bonded area warehouses has increased. Rubber is stored in each of the 27 bonded warehouses. At present, the amount of rubber in bonded area warehouses alone has reached 370000 tons, a record high

insiders told that the multimeter needle should point to the central part of the scale. After May, the main rubber producing areas in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries will enter the centralized tapping period, and the supply of raw materials in the market will be greatly increased. In April, China imported 230000 tons of natural rubber, with a year-on-year increase of 35.29%. It is a foregone conclusion that domestic rubber inventory will remain high

yueyimin, deputy general manager of Qingdao port Qianwan container terminal company, said that generally, rubber comes from Southeast Asia, and the amount of rubber is large, because Shandong is a province with relatively large export tires. At present, we can see this amount, which is increasing

80% of China's rubber consumption is imported from Southeast Asia, and Southeast Asia routes are basically dominated by transportation rubber. It is learned from Qingdao port that the arrival volume of Southeast Asia routes has continued to increase since this year, and the import standard containers reached 250000 in the first quarter alone, an increase of 13% compared with the same period last year

in order to reach the full particles of recycled plastic raw materials, Wang Kun, deputy general manager of Qingdao dingtaimei International Trade Co., Ltd., said that there are some accumulated goods in the port that cannot enter the warehouse, and there are probably more than 100000 tons, plus hundreds of thousands of tons on the road, so now the whole rubber industry is in a situation of supply exceeding demand

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