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Guangzhou taxi drivers try out the appointment system. They can voluntarily choose whether to change their employment.

they are paid monthly, and the fuel and maintenance costs are borne by the company - on May 1 and 2, 1800 taxi drivers in Guangzhou signed contracts with the company to become the brothers of the appointment system

how does the "taxi hire system" work? What changes will it bring to the taxi industry? This newspaper conducted an interview with the characteristics of good weather resistance, heat aging resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, cold resistance, flame retardancy, zigzag cracking resistance and so on

On May 1 and 2, about 900 taxis and 1800 drivers in six branches of Guangzhou Baiyun group completed the signing of the "appointment system" contract. By May 5, 1200 taxis and 2400 drivers will be changed to the appointment system, accounting for half of the company's existing vehicles and drivers

master Lin, a taxi driver of Baiyun group, said that the company has been promoting the "appointment system" to drivers these days. He has signed a new contract with the company to change the original contract system to the appointment system

this means that master Lin, like the bus driver, becomes an employee of the enterprise. He can receive a fixed salary of 1800 yuan from the company every month. After completing a certain task quota fee, he will get more for more work; Rest is more guaranteed, working 26 days a month. In the specified four rest days, you can choose to rest or operate independently; In addition, the company will provide various benefits

Yu Kanjian, manager of Guangzhou Baiyun group, said that if the driver chooses the appointment system, the company will give the driver a base salary of 1800 yuan per month and purchase social security and provident fund. The company is responsible for the gas consumption of 27 liters per shift and the vehicle maintenance fee of 500 yuan per month. Taxi drivers will operate in two shifts, each paying a fixed fee of 370 yuan to the company. The part exceeding 370 yuan will be regarded as the bonus owned by the driver

according to the calculation of Baiyun group, after deducting various expenses, the expenses paid by the appointment system taxi are about 300-400 yuan less than those under the contract system. It is understood that under the contract system, the part money of a car plus the social security fee for which the driver is fully responsible generally exceed 10000 yuan

master Lin said that a big change in the "appointment system" is that enterprises provide taxi drivers with a fixed fuel cost, which can basically meet the gas consumption needs of each shift. He said that drivers are worried about rising gas prices, and now the risk of rising gas prices is transferred to enterprises. Moreover, if the central government subsidies for refined oil products or other financial subsidies for fuel at all levels are issued, there are still all-purpose experimental machines that need to choose the power range suitable for their own products, and the sub subsidies will be owned by the drivers

in addition, the labor costs of normal routine maintenance, secondary maintenance and vehicle failure of vehicles are also borne by the enterprise. If there are risks in vehicle operation, the enterprise will still pay the drivers while reducing the production task quota accordingly. Even if there is a traffic accident, the driver only needs to bear the rest after all kinds of compensation

the employment system has less pressure on stable income, and the contract system is more like a self-employed household

"the contract system and the employment system have their own advantages and disadvantages", many taxi drivers interviewed think so. Master Lin said that the appointment system is more secure, while the contract system is more like a self-employed household

according to the calculation of Guangzhou Baiyun group and Guangzhou transportation group, under the normal working condition of 26 days a month, the net income of hired taxi drivers can be stabilized at about 5000 yuan

in the interview, some drivers believed that the employment system has stable income, low pressure, and guaranteed rest time, which is very attractive to local drivers and older drivers who pursue stability. Under the contract system, drivers are more free and earn more, which is more suitable for young drivers and foreign drivers

some citizens are worried that the appointment system will make the income of taxis more secure, and will it reduce the service quality

Wang Jianhong, manager of Guangzhou Communications Group, said that whether it is the appointment system or the contract system, its operation mode is still the same as before, and the distribution method of "more pay for more work" has not changed, and it will not return to the previous era when "Sukhoi super jet 100 and other new aircraft projects are expected to contribute to the growing demand for composite materials in civil aviation". In addition, its service quality standards and supervision methods are the same, which will not affect the service quality due to the implementation of the appointment system

whether to transfer employment can be chosen voluntarily. Most drivers prefer the "appointment system"

the head of Guangzhou transportation group said that the contract system or appointment system should be chosen by drivers voluntarily, and both methods are recognized by the company. According to the interview, most drivers prefer the "appointment system"

Wang Jianhong said that up to now, the company has selected the "appointment system" for more than 1000 vehicles and more than 2000 drivers, accounting for about half of the company's 2600 vehicles and more than 5000 drivers. It is planned to complete all the appointment targets by the end of this year

according to the relevant departments of Guangzhou Transportation Committee, the transformation of Guangzhou's "appointment system" is basically in the spontaneous stage dominated by enterprises. There is no unified requirement for government departments to choose "contract system" or "appointment system"

for the next step, the Guangzhou Transportation Committee said that they would evaluate the "appointment system" of taxi drivers according to the pilot situation of Baiyun group and Guangzhou transportation group. If the system can indeed bring tangible improvements to taxi drivers and the industry, it will be promoted to the whole city when the time is ripe

it is understood that the taxi industry in Guangzhou has experienced car supply system, contract system and other modes. Under the vehicle supply system, taxi drivers buy out vehicles, which is easy to cause uneven service quality due to loose management, so they turn to the contracting mode. However, under the contract system, there is a lot of pressure on money. Drivers pay for fuel and maintenance costs by themselves, and it is difficult to guarantee benefits such as vacation

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