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Tbr and Huawei jointly released a white paper on nfv maintenance evolution

recently, tbr, the world's leading technology consulting company, and Huawei jointly released a white paper on network maintenance evolution and nfv assurance best practices. The white paper points out that operators are increasingly adopting nfv architecture, which also requires new network maintenance methods. Nfv will accelerate the evolution from passive to active maintenance, and further evolve into intelligent maintenance through the ability of automation. At the same time, various real-time services require new methods to achieve more efficient network maintenance

based on the interview with operators, the white paper believes that it is necessary to select the required test speed protection method based on the dimension of recovery first and then solution, quickly detect potential problems, timely find business exceptions to ensure high availability of business, then analyze the relationship and root causes of the configuration conditions of cross layer universal material testing machine components, and then evaluate the robustness of the system according to the daily maintenance information to continuously optimize the network. Operators can also choose a supplier as a single interface to ensure business continuity and improve problem handling efficiency in a multi vendor environment. In the white paper, Huawei nfv solution support service is taken as an example to illustrate the above practices to meet the challenges of nfv maintenance

nfv transformation will accelerate the evolution of maintenance services into active technical support, and real-time business support will help solve the challenges brought by business scheduling and automation. Michael, tbr executive analyst? Sullivan Trainor said that tbr believes that Huawei's nfv is suitable for laboratory maintenance solutions for steel and building materials testing with high requirements, which can help operators calmly face the network guarantee problems in the transformation process

Huawei has a deep understanding of telecommunications services, rich maintenance experience in the ICT field, and the strong system verification ability of nfv open lab, which can help operators achieve efficient maintenance and build a highly available nfv network. Zhao Weiwei, general manager of customer support services of Huawei global technology service department, was appraised by Yongjun

as of the third quarter of 2016, Huawei has participated in more than 90 commercial nfv projects, and its rich project practical experience will effectively ensure the nfv maintenance and transformation of operators

white paper download address: maintenance evolution and best practices for nfv f

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