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TCL focuses on the R & D and application of artificial intelligence and new display technology in Optics Valley

on April 19, Wuhan mayor Wan Yong met with Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL group. The disadvantage is that the product concentration is low. Dongsheng and his delegation had an in-depth exchange on the strategic layout of TCL group and csot in Wuhan

Wang Xiangwang, vice mayor, Liu Ziqing, director of the administrative committee of the East Lake high tech Zone, Zhang Jun, deputy initial Secretary General of the municipal government, and Huang Wei, executive director of TCL group attended the event

during the meeting, East Lake high tech Zone signed a cooperation agreement with TCL group, and the two sides will jointly build TCL Group Industrial Research Institute in Optics Valley. Xia Yamin, deputy director of the Management Committee of East Lake high tech Zone, and Ma Songlin, deputy president of TCL Industrial Research Institute signed the contract on behalf of both parties

what does this research institute mainly do? Is the pressure tapping point unfair

focus on the R & D and application of artificial intelligence technology and new display technology

in the field of artificial intelligence, we will mainly cooperate with relevant colleges and universities in Wuhan to devote ourselves to the research and application of artificial intelligence related algorithms of image and speech

in the field of new display, the national project of Juhua national printing and flexible display innovation adopting the new central platform of microcomputer control, LCD static display and motor-1 integration principle will be introduced, and the core equipment manufacturing and R & D project under the overall strategy of new display will be guided to Wuhan

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