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TCL communications develops mobile Internet business

on July 17, 2014, in order to deeply implement the TCL Group's "double + strategy" and develop applications and services, TCL communications officially established the mobile Internet emerging business center (miebc). Develop mobile Internet value-added services such as application software, games and content with the help of the openness and inclusiveness of the Internet and the innovative spirit that we have always adhered to; Improve user experience by building intelligent cloud, personalized and accurate recommendation, and create a service platform for TCL mobile Internet Ecosystem; Finally, build a new business model of product + service

in February this year, in response to the rapid development of the mobile Internet era, TCL group introduced Internet thinking on the basis of its existing business and implemented the dual + transformation strategy of intelligence + Internet and products + services. As one of the core subjects of TCL Group's dual + transformation strategy, TCL communications also released a specific plan to implement the group's strategy in the following April. In this regard, Wang Jiyang, vice president of TCL group and COO of TCL communications, said: TCL Group's dual + transformation strategy has not only built a new business model, but also redefined a new user centered value and vision. TCL communications closely follows the pace of the group's dual + strategic transformation. With the strong support of the emerging business center, the mobile Internet titanium dioxide market has changed the volatility of last year, it will greatly promote the implementation of the group's dual + transformation strategy. In the future, TCL communication will focus on building the service end of personal cloud and home cloud, and transform to a global mobile intelligent terminal and Internet application technology enterprise. In addition, TCL communications will also pay more attention to the domestic market and continue to strengthen cooperation between all parties to strive for a larger market share

Wang Jiyang, vice president of TCL group and COO of TCL communications

this time, the newly established mobile Internet emerging business center will be committed to the development of applications and services. The business scope includes mobile value-added services, cloud platforms, innovative applications, e-commerce platforms, wearable devices and other fields. Among them, mobile value-added service is to aggregate high-quality resources through the distribution and personalized recommendation of applications, games, music and other content, and provide value-added services for users. It can not only obtain revenue sharing, but also improve user experience, so as to promote intelligence and effectively enhance the sales of unity and cooperation end in developing countries. In today's fierce competition environment. The cloud platform is to build a large-scale cloud cluster of distributed computing and storage. It will serve as the foundation of the entire TCL mobile Internet Ecosystem by providing account, storage, recommendation and other services to various intelligent terminals of TCL Group's multiple product lines. While innovative applications can meet the needs of mobile Internet users by innovating mobile applications, such as desktop applications, car navigation, etc. In order to support TCL communications' e-commerce strategy, the mobile Internet emerging business center will also build a global e-commerce service platform. In addition, the center will cooperate with other departments to launch a variety of wearable devices such as smart health bracelets and smart headphones, so as to seize the opportunity of rapid development in this field

the establishment of mobile Internet emerging business center will not only build a platform with the help of Internet, but also build a team with elite spirit. As a senior person in the Internet field, Li Youlin and Michael Li, the general manager of the center, have nearly 20 years of working experience in the industry. They have successively served as senior executives in many well-known companies at home and abroad, such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Qianxiang interactive group, and so on. They have their own unique views on R & D and management. The team he leads also has excellent R & D and operation capabilities. Most of the members come from well-known Internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu, Alibaba and Yi, and have rich experience. By building a first-class talent team, the emerging business center will create core competitive advantages and help with the strategic transformation of "double +"

in the future, emerging business centers will continue to grow, and continue to attract talents in products, technology (android/java background/web front end/data mining), design, testing, operation and other aspects to join them. It is estimated that this year, the total number of mobile Internet emerging business centers will reach 200, distributed in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu. In the near future, facing severe energy and environmental challenges, the size of the entire TCL communication application service team will reach thousands of people

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