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Hebei Tangshan taxi intelligent dispatching system solves the urban "taxi difficulty"

on December 26, the operator of Tangshan traffic service 96303 dispatching center was dispatching taxis for passengers. Recently, a taxi intelligent dispatching system covering more than 3000 taxis in the core urban area of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, began to operate. The system consists of a dispatching center and a taxi on-board terminal. Citizens only need to dial 96303 to realize the taxi Hailing service. Its use will enable the local taxi transport capacity to be reasonably guided and allocated, and reduce the number of taxis by 2 The invalid idling rate of the simulated wear experiment between materials can effectively solve the problem of citizens' annoyance of waiting for cars and the difficulty of taking a taxi

on December 26, Tangshan transportation service 92 The operator of 6303 dispatching center is dispatching taxis for passengers

on December 26, a taxi driver in Tangshan, Hebei Province showed an on-board intelligent dispatching terminal with GPS shape, which can achieve the goals of energy conservation, consumption reduction, environmental protection and green development

on December 26, a passenger named Che took a taxi with the words "96303 service" printed in Tangshan, Hebei Province

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