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TCL Group: csot invested 24.4 billion "plus" 8.5 generation line

TCL Group announced today that the company's holding subsidiary csot plans to invest 24.4 billion yuan to build the phase II 8.5 generation TFT-LCD production line project, and the size of the glass substrate processed in the project is 2500mm × 2200mm, with a design capacity of 100000 pieces/month. TCL Group's table shows that with the progress of technology and the simplification of process, TFT-LCD malleable iron castings GB 9440 (8) are significantly reducing production costs and sales prices, and the industry has entered a period of stable growth

according to DisplaySearch data, the output value of TFT-LCD industry has reached US $111.5 billion in 2012. It is expected that the sales revenue of TFT-LCD panels will reach US $142.7 billion by 2019. Its high-value market share of force measurement accuracy has always occupied more than 85% of the whole flat panel display industry. In terms of shipments, TFT-LCD technology shipments will continue to grow and maintain a proportion of about 75% in the next few years. It is expected that the shipments will reach 351million tablets by 2019

from January to June 2013, csot achieved a recovery in the international market, with a total revenue of 6.862 billion yuan and a net profit of 892 million yuan. TCL group holds 85% equity, while Samsung display Co., Ltd. holds 15% equity. Zhonghua glass () Department

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