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Taxi "matchmaker" is difficult to do. When is it hot to call a taxi

after receiving the taxi call, the operator is dispatching the vehicle

in order to effectively dispatch vehicles and meet the needs of citizens, Xiaoshan taxi has opened 114 turn 3 and 3 routes for passengers to call 24 hours

however, youjingyu complained that taxi Hailing was useless, and he couldn't get a taxi every time. Surprisingly, taxi drivers also lament that there is no business

directly hit the dispatching and monitoring workstation

in the office of about 100 square meters, there are one computer, one machine and one earphone, and the taxi dispatching work in our area is completed in this monitoring workstation

at 10:37 a.m., the telephone operator put on headphones to answer. I'm in Zhongyu modern city. Now I'm going to Xintang. Is there a taxi nearby? At the other end, a passenger asked for a taxi

OK, wait a moment, I'll check. The operator inputs the passenger's current location on the computer, and a map immediately appears on the screen

it can be seen that the easy-to-use testsuitetw software, the rich and increasing standard library of experimental methods and various accessories on the map make the system widely used in the range of all high-strength metals and building materials, showing the license plate numbers, current location, on-site distance, driving direction, driving speed, loading status and other relevant information of 7 taxis near the passenger's location. According to the above relevant information, the operator selects the taxi that is most suitable for the passenger, sorts it, and contacts it one by one

at this time, a three-way communication is formed among passengers, telephone operators and drivers. Among the seven taxis, imports increased by 61.3% year-on-year Although the drivers of two cars said it was inconvenient, the drivers of the other five cars did not participate in the response, and the passengers failed to call

at 10:41, it rings again. The passengers who called the bus were building the first road and wanted to go to Shixin road. When the operator communicated with the driver of the third taxi, the driver said he was willing to carry passengers

the operator acts as an intermediary to exchange contact information, license plate number, geographical location and other information between the passenger and the driver, and then send the passenger's information to the driver

the call scheduling process lasted 3 minutes, which was a successful scheduling

taxis are not hot enough

Hangzhou Haitai Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the scheduling and monitoring of taxis in our district. Lou Zefeng, the manager of the company, said that the No. 3 taxi Hailing system was officially opened in 2009, and it works 24 hours a day. In other words, 23 telephone operators are on duty at the dispatching and monitoring workstation every day, and there are no holidays (except New Year's Eve)

how about the effect after the taxi is opened? Manager Lou said frankly that in the early stage of opening, the workstation could receive an average of 100 calls per day. After 2010, with the increase in the awareness of car hailing, the daily number has increased to a certain extent. Now, more than 300 car hails can be received per day for the detection method of the full box compression testing machine

there are more than 700 taxis in our district. If 300 taxis received in a day are divided equally, it means that each taxi has only 0.5 passing taxis per day. And what is the success rate of less than one taxi Hailing demand? The manager of the building said that according to the standard that passengers and drivers can reach the transportation intention in a single time, such a success rate is only 50%

matchmaker's work is hard to do. The manager of the building sighed that the success rate of 50% was not easy to come by, because there were three restrictions on car Hailing

first, the public has not formed the habit of calling a car. Most passengers are more accustomed to immediate hand gestures, while drivers tend to look for passenger sources independently. When receiving the demand from the dispatching workstation, some drivers actively give up answering

second, the time for passengers to call is concentrated. It is understood that taxi Hailing is mainly concentrated from 4 to 6 p.m. every day, which is the peak period for people to go out and get off work. The demand for buses is large, and it is also the stage with the lowest success rate of taxi scheduling

the manager of the building said: the busier the taxi business is in the rush hour, the less passengers can get a taxi, not to mention this time is the taxi handover time

the third is the mistrust between passengers and drivers. The operator made the passengers and the driver reach an agreement verbally through a three-way call. However, in the specific operation, it is inevitable that passengers can't wait, and then take another car to leave before the scheduled vehicle arrives. Sometimes taxi drivers may also temporarily pick up other businesses during the journey. No matter which party breaks the agreement first, the other party will be discouraged

manager Lou told that at present, there are no regulations for the above two phenomena in the industry. As an intermediary, the company can only restrict dishonest taxi drivers by adding or subtracting scheduling levels

for example, if a passenger calls for a taxi, taxis with a record of temporary breach of contract will be ranked last among vehicles with the same scheduling conditions; On the contrary, taxis that have arrived at the destination according to the regulations but have been stood up by passengers will be prioritized and take the lead in obtaining invitation information and preemptive right

taxi business is difficult to do outside the peak period

in the view of passengers and workstations, taxis in Xiaoshan are relatively difficult to call, but the survey found that in the heart of taxi drivers, they also feel that the business of carrying passengers is difficult to do

there are more cars and fewer passengers during off peak hours, and taxi drivers have less business; There is a lot of demand for buses in rush hours, but there is a lack of skills in the face of shift handover. Many brothers and sisters said that it is really not easy to do business

at more than 2 p.m. yesterday, taxi driver master Zhang went around the city again. He said that since taking over the shift at more than 6 a.m., only five businesses have been completed

I went to Xinjie street and the airport, and the rest were in the urban area. I haven't picked up work in the afternoon. There are few people taking a taxi at this time. Master Zhang parked the car on the path next to the inspection and quarantine station, turned off the fire, opened the window and prepared to take a nap. Master Zhang told him that he planned to sleep until 3 or 4 p.m. and then go out to work. At that time, there were many people going out and there was business to do

in an interview, taxi driver master Wang also lamented that there was no business. Master Wang said that the empty car rate is the highest from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. every day, and the situation will improve by noon. Master Wang counted the money. From taking over the shift in the morning to before 2 p.m., his income was about 160 yuan

I don't have enough money to pay the car rental fee for the day shift. I plan to go to Hangzhou south railway station again. However, there are too many yellow croaker cars and four cars there. Although they don't save money and dare to be too arrogant, the competition is still big. During the conversation, Master Wang's smile was somewhat helpless

Xiao Lin is a young brother, and he has not been in the industry for a long time. Compared with the old driver, Kobayashi has a rare optimism and persistence. I don't choose guests. It's better for me to go wherever it's convenient than wandering around on the road. Kobayashi said that he would also participate in car Hailing invitations, but most of the time he didn't even have an invitation a day

once, a passenger wanted to take a taxi to Linpu in Jinma Hotel, and Kobayashi was lucky to grab the invitation. The two sides negotiated the fare. Unexpectedly, the bus arrived but no one was found. Kobayashi was stood up by the passengers, which was particularly unpleasant in his heart. However, Xiao Lin's optimism soon recovered. When the next invitation appeared, he would still rush to answer it as quickly as possible

the smart Xiao Lin also thought of a way to print his own business card and send it to the passengers. On the card, his number and advertising words are written, and passengers are welcome to invite him

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