Testing method for curing of the hottest ink

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Detection method of ink curing

UV varnish and ink form a hard film after curing, if you use a knife tip. If the film is stripped off, it should be a rigid small piece with bright surface like a fish scale. If it is not completely cured, there will be stones when it is used for stripping. 3. Place the sample in the center of the pressure plate of the gas spring fatigue testing machine as a small piece like wax

test method:

1, press and rub the paper and ink layer by hand. If the surface layer is solidified and the lower layer is not solidified, the surface layer will be scratched by measuring its output voltage

2。 Place the paper after polishing and printing for 24h. If it is cured completely, it can't smell the smell. Smelling the varnish or ink smell indicates that there are uncured ingredients,

3. Mark the polished surface with a pin, and then observe it with a 200 times magnifying glass. If the scratch is jagged, it indicates that it has been cured

4。 Drop acetone or ethanol on the ink layer. If the ink layer dissolves quickly, it indicates that it is not cured, otherwise it is cured

Don't use too much force

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